Conceptum Sport Becomes Logistics Partner of Canadian Bobsleigh & Skeleton

February 7, 2012

Specialist and sport logistics provider Conceptum Sport Logistics, has become the exclusive logistics partner of the Canadian Bobsleigh and Skeleton Association (BCS).

The cooperation is already running and has been confirmed for the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi and beyond. The company, based near Frankfurt Airport, with offices all around the globe, will be in charge of transporting the highly sensitive pieces of sports equipment as well as the equipment of the entire team to the various competition sites.

Right at the tracks, Conceptum’s specialized team is also represented as a sponsor – besides providing logistics services, the focus of Conceptum is also on the people they work with. “We are partners for the transport of highly sensitive pieces of sports equipment. An athlete’s bobsleigh is as valuable and dear to him as one of Stradivarius’ violins – and our responsibility is to ensure its safe transport, so the athlete does not need to worry about it.” says Sebastian Stahl, Conceptum CEO. This service also includes hotel bookings or travel arrangements for the teams.

The team of Conceptum really cares about cultural logistics projects of this kind – a number of cooperations with sports associations and Olympic committees around the world bear witness to this. For Sebastian Stahl, the cooperation with Bobsleigh Canada Skeleton is yet one more cornerstone of trust: “We want to be a real partner for the athletes – not merely a logistics provider”, he says. “Standing in for others and supporting them and their achievements is also cultural support.”