Commonwealth Games England Begin Restructure

May 31, 2011

Commonwealth Games England (CGE) has placed adverts in the national press this weekend, seeking applicants for the posts of chief executive, sports director and commercial director.

CGE chairman Sir Andrew Foster stated: “We will be generating a step change on the back of these appointments. We are looking at a different sort of approach.”

Foster maintains that the changes are part of a general movement to make the CGE more attractive to sponsors.

He added: “We already have a wealth of expertise on our board with people such as our President, Dame Kelly Holmes, Lawrence Dallaglio, David Robinson, who is CEO of Speedo, and Arsenal’s marketing director  Angus Kinnear.

“It is all a case of making it look to sponsors like a very supportable proposition.”

The chairman also confirmed that tt is also part of the CGE plan to move their head office from Crystal Palace to a more central location, adding: “Crystal Palace is a bit out of the way and we want to be much more in view. We want to be alongside other major sporting organisations at the centre of things.”

The CGE has put in place a wide-ranging strategy document looking at key areas for change and improvement in the years of rich opportunity leading to the Glasgow 2014 Games.