Common Goals in Sports Industry are Needed says Former IOC Director

December 5, 2011

The sports industry should share common information and knowledge management goals in relation to major sports events, order according to former International Olympic Committee (IOC) Director Phillipe Blanchard.

Blanchard, who was appointed to the IOC in 2003 to establish new information and knowledge management practices, believes international federations and sports property owners ought to work towards common goals to meet the objectives set by a rapidly-changing sports industry.

In his exclusive iSportconnect column, he said: “Better information and knowledge management practices answer strong demands in professionalization. Improved communication and better governance protects the historical legacy and nurtures the knowledge capital, and provides a sustainable development model.”

Blanchard also believes access to the legacy is a key element for financial development.

“Access to the legacy also increases sponsors and RHB value for money, Thus, the proper establishment of information and knowledge practices can increase financial and intangible values including legitimacy, brand value, corporate and social responsibility.”

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