Coca-Cola’s Olympic Sponsorship Succeeds in China

By Community | September 3, 2012

Coca-Cola enjoyed a 61 percent spontaneous brand awareness among Chinese consumers as a result of its London Olympic Games sponsorship, according to research consultancy R3.

R3’s survey of 1,500 consumers in ten cities said that the fizzy drink brand received the most awareness of all the major brands aligned with the Games and its awareness was far greater than after the 2008 Beijing Games when it was 46 percent.

R3 representative, Bella Teng said Coke’s digital marketing strategy for the Games resonated well with Chinese consumers, as did its use of swimmer Sun Yang in its major marketing campaign called “Beat of China”.  Sun Yang won China’s first-ever swimming gold medal in the 400m freestyle.

Multinational sponsors dominated consumer recall, with adidas, McDonald’s, BMW and Samsung placing after Coca-Cola in the list of top five brands for consumer awareness. {jcomments on}