Coca-Cola Juventus

Coca-Cola Signs Deal With Juventus

October 28, 2019

Juventus and Coca-Cola have signed a two-year partnership deal that will see the drinks company become the official partner of the club on Italian territory.

Giorgio Ricci, Juventus Chief Revenue Officer, said: “A brand like Coca-Cola fits perfectly into the current development strategy of the Club, also through collaborations with partners of great value and prestige. This agreement will focus on enhancing the Italian market, which is very important for both, through the activities we are going to implement together. The ambition to grow together in the near future remains constant.”

Alex Zigliara, General Director of Coca-Cola Italy, added: “Coca-Cola has always been close to the world of football and invites everyone to get together, spend happy and positive moments while supporting their favorite team. We are excited to share this passion and communicate these values ​​together with an icon of sport like Juventus.”

Coca-Cola Juventus