Cleveland Cavaliers Partners with Social Calendar Platform UpTo

November 19, 2012

UpTo, the nation’s leading social calendar platform, has partnered with the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers to give Cavs fans a powerful new way to see what’s coming up with the team and the entire franchise.

UpTo allows users to discover and curate upcoming public events, friends’ plans and the user’s own schedule in one place with clarity and accuracy.  The application integrates with the user’s calendar to make it simple to share what they are “up to” with specific groups such as family, friends or coworkers.

Although UpTo provides users the option to follow the game schedule of any major professional sports team, the Cleveland Cavaliers is the first team to allow unprecedented access to all events, promotions and announcements related to the team. Cavs’ player appearances, charity events, detailed broadcast information and more can all be accessed seamlessly through the UpTo app.

In addition, UpTo will feature calendar streams for other events happening in and around downtown Cleveland.

“We’re very excited to partner with UpTo to provide our fans a unique and highly effective way for them to connect with the Cavaliers and with each other,” said Brandon Jirousek, Cavaliers senior manager of digital content and operations.

While social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare let users connect and share past or present status updates, UpTo allows users to connect with friends regarding their upcoming plans and any future public events.

“UpTo gives teams the opportunity to engage with fans and grow excitement and loyalty for their team through an unparalleled level of transparency and precision about all future happenings surrounding the franchise,” said Greg Schwartz, founder and CEO of UpTo.