Cleveland Browns Complete Training Camp Revamp

August 20, 2013

The Cleveland Browns have completed a $5 million, ed four-month renovation project to vastly improve the team’s training facility and administrative complex.

The club headquarters now efficiently hosts approximately 160 staff members on two floors.

“We envisioned and created a vibrant, illness high-energy space that maximizes our employees’ ability to perform at the highest level in a collaborative environment,” said Browns CEO Joe Banner. “We have further established an environment that allows our team to attract and keep the top people in sports.”

By revamping 37,000 square feet of the 90,000-square-foot building, the complex now accommodates an additional 68 employees who were previously stationed at FirstEnergy Stadium, allowing executives, coaches, players and staff to unify the club’s football and business operations in one building. 

In addition to top-caliber football-operations amenities, the remodeled space houses 60 offices, 90 work stations and in-house radio and video broadcast studios for digital-content creation. 

Front-office staff, coaches, players, business partners and club guests now have immediate access to the Browns outdoor practice fields and indoor field house, as well as convenient views of both in various locations throughout the facility.

The Cleveland Browns training facility is located in Berea, Ohio, where it sits on 13 acres of land. The building originally opened in August of 1991 and has undergone three renovations. The building has two floors, both of which have been renovated during the past few years. In 2009, the first floor was completely remodeled, and improvements were made to all player meeting rooms, the player locker room and the cafeteria.  In addition, the team auditorium was expanded to 2,300 square feet and features 120 theater seats.