Cisco Systems Will Sponsor ZEN-NOH 2019 ITTF Team World Cup

September 3, 2019

The International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) has signed a partnership with Cisco Systems.

As part of the partnership, Cisco Systems G.K. (Cisco’s operating company in Japan) will become an Official Sponsor of the ZEN-NOH 2019 ITTF Team World Cup, which will take place between 6th – 10th November in Tokyo, Japan. The event will feature the top 12 men’s and women’s national teams as they compete in one of the most prestigious events in the sport.

The ITTF Team World Cup will also serve as a test event for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, where Cisco Japan will be a domestic sponsor.

“We are proud to be partnering with the ITTF to bring the 2019 Team World Cup to life in Tokyo. This partnership further showcases Cisco’s commitment to the sport of table tennis and the importance of digital transformation throughout the sports industry as a whole.” – Dave West, President and General Manager, Cisco Systems G.K.

“Having an internationally recognised Fortune 500 company sponsoring one of our major events of 2019, the ITTF Team World Cup, is a reflection of the growth of ITTF events over the past few years. Just as Cisco Systems are pioneers in the world of technology, the ITTF too is breaking new ground in the world of sport and entertainment. I believe that our shared commitment to new and innovative ideas will form the basis for an extremely fruitful partnership.” – Matt Pound, ITTF Marketing Director

Cisco Japan’s partnership with the ITTF builds on existing relationships with Japanese table tennis stars Kasumi Ishikawa and Tomokazu Harimoto. The pair have benefitted from Cisco’s cutting-edge technology which enables players to hone their strategy ahead of matches and stay connected with their coaches and family.