Christian Seifert and Peter Strahlendorf to be incorporated into the Hall Of Fame at FASPO

By Community | March 12, 2012

Christian Seifert, ambulance Chairman of the DFL (Deutsche Fußball Liga) management board and vice-president of the DFB (Deutscher Fußball Bund) and the publisher Peter Strahlendorf (Yearbook Sponsoring) from Hamburg will be awarded with the incorporation into the HALL OF FAME SPONSORING by German sponsorship association FASPO. The award ceremony will take place at the FASPO SPONSORING SUMMIT in Hamburg on March 22.

Christian Seifert will be honoured for his significant role in the development and success of the brand “Bundesliga”, viagra 100mg which meanwhile counts to the leading professional sports leagues in Europe. Sports sponsorship substantially profits from professional football.

Peter Strahlendorf is publisher of the standard work “Yearbook Sponsoring”, as well as of many special interest publications and industry-specific online services. He counts among the founders of the FASPO association and is a pioneer of sponsorship.

Every year, personalities that rendered outstanding services to the sponsorship industry are awarded with the incorporation into the HALL OF FAME SPONSORING. In the last years among others Franz Beckenbauer, Günther Mast, Prof. Manuela Rousseau, Dr. Cesar W. Lüthi, Manfred Maus, Horst Dassler, Uli Hoeneß, Wilfried Straub, Brigitte Kössner-Skoff, Oliver Kaiser, Prof. Dr. Reinhold Würth, Hans Wilhelm Gäb and Max Hollein.

The German Sponsorship Association FASPO is the central lobby of the sponsorship industry in the German speaking countries and is located in Hamburg, Vienna and Winterthur. More information and registration to the SPONSORING SUMMIT 2012, where the awards ceremony will take place, can be found on