Chris Sarbora Agrees Clothing Deal with Hazardous Racing for 2013 Isle of Man TT

By Community | January 9, 2013

Chris Sarbora has agreed a deal to wear Hazardous Racing protective clothing for his 2013 attempt at the Isle of Man TT.

Hazardous, cialis formed in 2012, herbal is an American-based leathers and apparel company dedicated to producing the highest-quality suits available, at the most affordable final cost to the racer. By reducing the cost of entry to high-grade protection, Hazardous hopes to increase the level of safety available for everyone – from the professional racer to the everyday street rider.

“Obviously, quality protective gear is important in all aspects of motorcycling, but it is never more important than on the Isle of Man, during a TT race,” Chris said. “I’m very excited to wear Hazardous this year not only because I believe in the company’s vision of quality gear for every rider, but also because I know that its founder’s idea of ‘quality gear’ is based in personal, real-world experience. I won’t be wearing the product of some engineering design committee; I’ll be wearing the product of a fellow racer’s years of expertise.”

“When it’s houses, trees and stone walls you’re streaking past instead of racing curbs and gravel traps, it’s important to be able to breathe easy and know that your gear fits you properly, isn’t going to affect your movement, and is going to stay together and do its job if the worst should happen,” he added.

Hazardous Racing has already made quite a splash on the national racing scene on both the west and east coasts, with a fast-growing presence in both AMA Pro as well as regional club races. With the addition of Chris to its team roster, Hazardous is thrilled to debut in Europe and on the world stage.

“There is no greater race than the Isle of Man TT,” commented company founder Matt Alexander, “and we think there is no greater opportunity to prove ourselves than in competition at that race. With Chris on the team we hope to spread the word that top-level safety doesn’t have to be exclusive.”