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Chimelong Group Agree Deal With CBA

November 1, 2019

Chimelong Group, the tourism operator, have signed a new sponsorship deal with the Chinese Basketball Association.

The CBA season begun this week and the league’s branding will now appear around Chimelong’s resorts, which are the Guangzhou Chimelong Tourist Resort and Chimelong International Ocean Resort in Zhuhai, with a third currently being built.

Yao Ming, Chairman of the CBA, told a press conference to promote the new deal that would learn and help each other to create beneficial experiences for fans.

Su Zhigang, chairman of the Chimelong Group, said it represented “Chimelong plus CBA, tourism plus sports, the best parent-child travel platform plus the most popular sport for young people. I believe this cooperation…through the mutual promotion of the travel platform and basketball, will better realise the common mission of Chimelong and the CBA – ‘Let people be healthier and happier’.”

Basketball CBA China