Chicago White Sox Promotes Ken Williams to Vice President, Rick Hahn to be GM

October 29, 2012

Chicago White Sox have announced that Ken Williams has been promoted to executive Vice President while Rick Hahn will take his position as General Manager, medicine the team announced Friday.

Chairman Jerry Reinsdorf also tabbed Howard Pizer as senior executive vice president.

Hahn will oversee of all player personnel matters, recipe coaching staff decisions, viagra buy player development and scouting operations.

Hahn replaces Ken Williams, who has been promoted to executive Vice President, where he will focus even more on macro issues, talent evaluation and long-term planning for the organization.

Williams is also expected to have new responsibilities such as building interest in the team and generating new ticket sales. The franchise drew fewer than 2 million fans last season.

White Sox chairman Jerry Reinsdorf called Hahn one of the most respected young executives in baseball today.

The owner said Williams raised the idea of promoting Hahn several years ago, and he believes it’s the right time to increase the scope and range of involvement of Williams while he continues to maintain oversight and final approval on major baseball decisions.

Reinsdorf noted the success of the tandem of Williams and Hahn over the past 12 seasons, and said is excited to see them grow and expand.

The White Sox have made two trips to the playoffs — including a World Series victory in 2005 — under the Williams-Hahn pairing.