CenterplateISG Seals Sales & Marketing Deal for Atletico Madrid’s New Stadium

By Community | February 5, 2014

La Liga club Atletico Madrid has announced CenterplateISG, a joint-venture partnership between global leaders Centerplate and International Stadia Group (ISG), will design and manage all food service, premium ticket sales and marketing at their new stadium, currently under construction and scheduled to open in 2016. 

For CenterplateISG this is the first contract in the Spanish market, and will provide unparalleled food and beverage hospitality services to Atletico Madrid fans and proven solutions to premium ticket sales and marketing. The agreement is initially for 20 years.

CenterplateISG will conduct customized market and fan research that will enable Atletico de Madridto create the ideal mix of hospitality experiences tailored to appeal to a wide variety of fan preferences throughout the stadium. The outputs of that work will include:

-Dedicated fan hospitality areas inside and outside the stadium
-Integrated infrastructure and interior design
-Customer relationship management programs
-Customized menu development

“We at ISG have seen many stadium projects around the globe and we are extremely proud of the agreement now established between Atletico de Madrid and CenterplateISG. With all of the key ingredients already in place, and construction under way, ISG is confident that the new stadium will be a huge success for Atletico’s fans and become a “must visit” venue for sporting fans and tourists alike. ISG has been working with Atletico Madrid since 2011 to ensure the new stadium has a range of hospitality experiences that truly matches the unique nature of the local market and the fans of Atletico,” says Andrew Hampel, CEO for ISG.

“Atletico de Madrid can rightly claim some of the best football fans in the world, and we are thrilled to design and manage a world-class fan experience for everyone who sets foot inside their new stadium,” said DesHague, CEO of Centerplate. “We anticipate huge synergies in our joint venture with ISG; this is the first time that we have seen complete alignment of interests between the Club, the ticket sales strategy and the delivery of the fan experience – we believe that this will prove to be the way forward for all sports and entertainment venues.”

“As we embark on a new era for Atletico Madrid and our supporters, we searched around the world for the best partners for our new stadium, and we can say with confidence that when it comes to hospitality, fan experience, research and stadium design, we are bringing our fans the very best,” added Miguel Angel Gil Marin, CEO of Atletico Madrid.