Castleford Tigers Handed USD3.1m Funding to Stadium Plans

By Community | December 17, 2010

Rugby Super League’s Castleford Tigers have been given a huge Christmas present by the Wakefield Council who announced that they would contribute US$3.1m in funding to the clubs new stadium plans. A detailed planning application is now being drawn up to be submitted before Christmas.

Castleford Tigers chief executive officer, Richard Wright, said, “The club welcomes the news as the US$3.1 million contribution from Wakefield MDC is a key part of our funding packages. We are extremely grateful.

“Despite the difficulties they face with the cutbacks to public spending, by this announcement Wakefield MDC has shown their continued support of the club. We can now commit the substantial investment needed to submit our detailed planning application with increased confidence now the council has reiterated its support for the project.”


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