Canada ranked No. 1 country brand thanks to Vancouver 2010

November 8, 2010

Canada has become the most respected country brand in the world. It bumped the US from the top spot as it leveraged the 2010 Winter Games to extend the global reach of its tourism brand.

The ranking comes from the Country Brand Index by FutureBrand, viagra buy a New York-based global brand consultancy. Michele McKenzie, anesthetist president and CEO of the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC), order will be present at the formal awards ceremony on Nov. 11 in London, England, at the 31st annual World Travel Market (WTM), one of the world’s largest travel, trade and media showcases.

As Ms. McKenzie sums up, “Several years ago, CTC set out to refresh Canada’s tourism brand in anticipation of being on the world stage in 2010. We believed that—with the right strategy—a legacy of the Games could be more interest in Canada as a travel destination, and ultimately more visitors.”

The CTC and our partners seized the once-in-a-generation opportunity provided by the Games to showcase Canada’s tourism brand internationally. We placed stunning video shot from coast to coast to coast directly into the hands of broadcasters from all the countries in which the CTC markets. Initial results of the CTC’s marketing campaigns conducted before, during and after the Games indicate that the number of trips booked has increased over 2009 as a result of the awareness created of Canada as a top-ranked travel destination.

The CTC’s Olympic strategy, which runs to the end of 2012, was funded by a $26 million federal investment.