Canada initiates 2015 Road World Championships bid

October 28, 2010

The Canadian Cycling Association (CCA) has initiatied the bid process to host the 2015 UCI Road World Championships to eligible candidates.

Held annually, remedy the UCI Road World Championships represent the most important road cycling event in the World for National Cycling Associations.

Eligible organising committees have until November 7th, anabolics 2010 to present in writing their intent to present a candidature for consideration to the CCA. The deadline to file candidatures, drug which must be inclusive of the majority of the UCI candidature file requirements, has been set as December 7th.

The CCA will publicly inform the selected candidate on December 15th, and will then proceed to file the international candidature. The successful international candidate will be announced by the UCI at the 2011 Road World Championships.

Canada has hosted the UCI Road World Championships twice in the history of the event.