Cameron Blasts Blatter Re-election as a ‘Farce’

June 9, 2011

During Prime Minister’s Questions yesterday, June 8, British PM David Cameron labelled Sepp Blatter’s re-election as FIFA President a “farce”.

Cameron spoke after Conservative MP James Wharton had rallied against corruption in soccer and asked him to support calls for Blatter to stand down from his post during the weekly Prime Ministerial grilling in the House of Commons.

Cameron, who was part of England 2018’s bid presentation that failed in spectacular fashion, stated: “Personally, I have seen football governance at an international level and I wasn’t that impressed by what I saw.

“What I would say is this: FIFA’s reputation is now at an all-time low and obviously the election with just one candidate was something of a farce, but it has to become more transparent and more accountable.

“They have got to prove that they are actually capable of doing the job that they are meant to.

“But ultimately change has got to come from within football and I am sure the FA will want to play a very major role in helping to bring that about.”

Blatter was re-elected unopposed last week after his sole challenger, Mohamed Bin Hammam, was forced to withdraw after being suspended from all soccer duties for allegedly bribing FIFA members to vote for him.