Caddiemaster to Provide Caddie Services for IMG Courses in China

December 7, 2012

IMG and Caddiemaster have formed a strategic alliance to develop caddie services in China.

The new agreement calls for Caddiemaster, prostate the leading caddie services company in the world, cialis to provide caddie training at IMG managed clubs in China. In turn IMG will use its resources and reputation to market Caddiemaster and help establish its business in China.

“We are excited to offer this enhanced service to IMG managed clubs in China, anesthetist ” said Paul Burley, Vice President, IMG Golf Course Services. “Caddiemaster is renowned as the premier provider of caddie management services in the world, and we are confident this new agreement will add further value to our management business and consolidate our position as the market leader in China. We also look forward to using our network and brand recognition to create additional business opportunities for Caddiemaster in China”.

“First and foremost, we look forward to helping IMG managed golf properties to further establish themselves as the premium golf facilities in China,” said Michael Granuzzo, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Caddiemaster. “The alliance with IMG provides an exciting opportunity for Caddiemaster to grow in the caddie market with the greatest potential in the world. International growth is a long-term strategy of our Company and the alliance with such a prestigious and experienced partner as IMG will allow us to provide our services to and grow in this very important market.”

Caddies are an important part of the golf experience in China, with every club offering caddie services. Over 50,000 caddies are employed in the industry and the vast majority are female. Golf Clubs spend a lot of time and effort recruiting and training caddies, and at busy 18 hole golf courses it is not unusual to have over 130 caddies on the books.