Bundesliga Snatches UEFA CL Spot from Serie A

February 28, 2011

The German Football League (DFL) have revealed that the nation’s elite league, the Bundesliga, has been rewarded for its clubs’ performances in Europe by snatching a UEFA Champions League place off Italy’s Serie A in 2012-13.

If the reports are true than the Bundesliga will have three automatic spots in the flagship event for European club soccer as well as one play-off spot, while Serie A will only have a maximum of three Champions League places, including one play-off spot.

The revelation comes despite Italian giants Inter Milan winning last season’s Champions League, beating German side Bayern Munich in the final, with German teams now moving ahead in the UEFA rankings.

German clubs have increased their total points tally in UEFA’s five-year coefficients to 68,103, opening up an 8,122-point lead over Italy’s Serie A (59,981).

The DFL released a statement, saying: “Italy is no longer able to take over third spot this season. The new ranking gives Bundesliga teams three starting spots in the group stage and a fourth in the play-off games of the competition.”

Top-ranking England and second-placed Spain are the other two countries that will be afforded a maximum of four Champions League places in 2012-13. Italy has joined France and Portugal with a maximum of three Champions League spots.