Buffalo Bills Get New Restaurant Sponsor in Subway

September 13, 2011

National Football League (NFL) team Buffalo Bills announced a new partnership with Subway, the world’s largest restaurant franchise.

With almost 35,000 locations in 98 countries, including more than 1,200 across the state of New York, the Subway restaurant chain is the world’s largest restaurant franchise, in terms of number of locations.

As part of the agreement, Subway will receive spots on the Bills All-Access Television show, preseason television ads, print collateral and Bills website advertising.  In addition, a Subway coupon in the Bills complimentary Game Day program will provide fans with a free six-inch sub (with the purchase of a drink) if the team scores 20 or more points at home games at Ralph Wilson Stadium.  If the Bills do not score 20 or more points, Subway will still provide a free cookie to fans.

Bruce Popko, Buffalo Bills senior vice president of business development, said: “Our partnership with Subway leverages the strength of both brands, and provides fun opportunities for Bills fans to engage with Subway. The team scoring promotion that provides Bills fans with either a complimentary sub or cookie is a winning combination for both the Bills and Subway.”

Michael Lewkowicz, Subway Buffalo Franchisees’ Board Chair, said: “This is a very exciting time for two great franchises, Subway and the Buffalo Bills, to work together to give Western New York a winning team.”

This comes less than a week after establishing a connection with the military for the Bills. To see this news click here