Buenos Aires 2018 and Government Reaffirm Commitment to Youth Olympic Bid

By iSportconnect | June 10, 2013

The organisers of the Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games bid and the city’s government have reaffirmed their commitment to contribute all the necessary funding and guarantees to host the Games in their city.

The financial guarantees include the government covering any shortfall to the organising committee’s needs and additional costs for the construction of the Olympic Village.

Buenos Aires 2018 will provide a written response to the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) Evaluation Commission report which was published on June 4.

The city took a knock from the IOC when they said they were concerned over ‘the funding and related guarantees’ that underpinned the Games.

Mauricio Macri, head of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires said: “I am very pleased to respond to the IOC Evaluation Commission comments and fully confirm our city’s commitment to the 2018 Youth Olympic Games bid.

“We will provide all the resources and guarantees required for the successful development and celebration of the Youth Olympic Games, and ensure young athletes, media, sports fans and members of the Olympic Family from around the world have a truly memorable experience.”

Francisco Irarrazaval, Buenos Aires Under-Secretary of Sport and Chief Executive of the Buenos Aires 2018 bid committeeadded: “Buenos Aires can be trusted to deliver a Youth Olympic Games that will make the whole Olympic Movement proud of this new international celebration of sport and culture.

“Our bid has total, unconditional and cross-party political support and there is a united effort to help Buenos Aires with the right to stage the 2018 Youth Olympic Games.

“We want to emphasize today that the Buenos Aires government guarantees unequivocally that all the necessary funding will be available for the Youth Olympic Games with total financial security.”