British PM Conducts Olympic Message to Japan

By iSportconnect | April 12, 2012

British Prime Minister David Cameron, impotent through a prepared video message during an official visit to Japan, drugs offered his encouragement to the Japanese Olympic and Paralympic team ahead of the London Games this summer.

Cameron’s message was viewed on a large outdoor screen in Tokyo’s bustling Shibuya district, help where thousands upon thousands of people could watch the video while waiting at an iconic intersection famous for huge crowds of pedestrians, and also as the inspiration for the scramble crossing introduced to Oxford Circus in London in 2009.

The personal message from Cameron included the message to the Japanese Olympians: “To all the Olympians of Japan participating in the Olympics, we are looking forward to hosting you in London. And we wish you good luck!”

The heartfelt message from a prime minister of one country to the national team of another country was yet another example of the universality of the Olympic Movement and its timeless values of respect and friendship for all people.

On the same day that the video was aired, “The GREAT campaign”, an initiative to promote British industry, trade, tourism, and culture, was kicked off by Jeremy Hunt, Secretary of State for Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport of Britain. Saori Yoshida, two-time Olympic Wrestling Champion, took part in the festivities as a guest and received words of encouragement from Hunt both personally and on behalf of the entire Japanese Olympic and Paralympic team.

Hunt said: “2012 is the year we welcome the greatest show on earth, the Olympic and Paralympic Games, to London, one of the world’s greatest cities. Saori Yoshida, one of Japan’s most successful athletes, exemplifies the Olympic spirit, inspiring others through her achievement at the highest level of her sport. She is surely a favourite to win more medals in London and I’m really looking forward to seeing her compete.”

Yoshida said: “There’s only 100 days left for the London Games, and I’ve been training every day, preparing myself to win my third consecutive gold medal. Through my performance, I look forward to providing the people of Japan with inspiration and courage.”