Brooklyn Nets G2 Esports Joe Tsai NBA

Brooklyn Nets Owner Joe Tsai Spending $10million On Esports Team Stake, Reports Say

December 11, 2019

Bloomberg has reported that owner of the Brooklyn Nets NBA Franchise, Joe Tsai, is to invest $10 million into buying a minority stake in the G2 Esports team.

Tsai is the co-founder of Alibaba and G2 are reportedly set to use the opportunity to boost the profile of their Berlin-based franchise in China.

Jens Hilgers, Chairman and Co-Founder of G2 commented: “The biggest challenge for Western teams is to properly play to Chinese culture, to understand the true thinking and mentality of the Chinese audience. That’s something that we will pay a lot of attention to, but with the support of a Chinese owner in our group, hopefully it goes a bit easier.”

“We want to be, from a talent perspective, a Western team. But we want to build fans so that when it comes to international competition, these fans can look to G2 Esports and say, ‘I’ve heard about these guys, I follow these guys, and that’s my favorite team when I don’t see my home favorite,'” Hilgers added.

Brooklyn Nets G2 Esports Joe Tsai NBA