Bromley Technologies Obtains International Skeleton & Bobsleigh Federation Contract

October 31, 2012

Bromley Technologies Ltd, has secured a contract to partner the International Skeleton & Bobsleigh Federation (ISBF) based in Switzerland in undertaking pioneering research and development work to design and manufacture the sport’s first generation of Paralympic Skeleton sleds.

Bromley, located at the AMP Technology Centre on the Advanced Manufacturing Park in Rotherham, have developed and manufactured skeleton bobsleighs for over 12 years. Notably Team GB 2006 Winter Olympics silver medallist and current Skeleton World Cup Champion, Shelley Rudman and Kristan Bromley. Company co founder and CEO, himself a triple Olympian and ‘triple crown’ winner in 2008, have seen continued success using Bromley sleds.

Richard Bromley, co founder and Director at Bromley commented on this company milestone: “It’s an exciting time for international skeleton sport as the ISBF begins a journey to realise its vision of expanding into the Paralympic domain. We are delighted that the ISBF has chosen Bromley as a partner to realise the technological side of this vision.

“This is a big challenge and opportunity for us to be part of this pioneering stage. We pride ourselves on developing innovative performance equipment with a strong customer support ethos, and we are looking forward to extending this ethos into the Paralympic sports with the ISBF.” 

The contract raises a number of technical challenges with regards the construction and operation of the skeleton sleds, as Richard adds; “Potentially the difference in athlete disabilities can affect the weight distribution on the sled and therefore significantly change the centre of gravity and control. New sled designs will need to have the ability to adapt to the individual needs of the athlete.

Another challenge will be the steering of the sleds, as athletes currently steer using a combination of their shoulders, knees and toes. Sleds will need to be mechanically adaptable to cater for different physical steering inputs whilst retaining their structural integrity. Skeleton Sleds and athletes experience up to 5 times the force of gravity and can attain speeds of 90 mph when traversing the 1 mile ice tracks.

The agreement follows another strong year of growth for the company in the manufacture and sales of its ‘flagship’ sled range for able bodied athletes. Bromley now supply skeleton sleds and runners to athletes from 23 nations, from countries including Canada, Australia & Japan. In addition the company has completed another large international contract involving mapping and simulating skeleton sled tracks – at speeds up to 90mph.