How Broadcasters Can Plan A Digital Roadmap

By Community | March 29, 2019

The digital transformation of the TV market will be an overarching, if unstated, theme of iSportconnect’s annual Broadcast Masterclass next week in London on Thursday April 4.

With digital impacting everything, what should broadcasters and pay-TV providers be thinking about as they design their development roadmap for the next three to  five years?

Here are some suggestions from a timely new white paper prepared by Comcast Technology Solutions and MTM.

Data and analytics tools can enhance all areas of the business, notably monetisation.

For companies now building direct relationships with consumers, developing a holistic view of their consumers involves a steep learning curve, but the benefits of prioritising data and analytics tools and the potential for maximising revenues via hybrid monetisation are now becoming clear.

Collaboration and partnerships to build scale will be key to future success.

In the face of competition from global players, broadcasters and pay-TV operators are looking to scale their businesses by forming partnerships or alliances with peers in their own market, or even across other markets.

New alliances, such as Salto in France or the multi-territory European Media Alliance, can deliver scale, but will require a new and flexible approach from the partnering companies.

It is also likely that such alliances, rather than relying on incumbents’ own solutions, will look to third-party technology providers to deliver solutions that can work for all parties.

Re-think internal structures and processes but focus on culture too.

The requirement to develop consumer-friendly products and services means that broadcasters and pay-TV platforms must ensure that they are delivering operational efficiencies within the rest of the business through a focused approach on transitioning to IP. While companies must re-tool and restructure in order to compete in a multi-platform and diverse market, this change must go beyond technology or strategy. If a company’s culture fails to evolve, no new strategy can succeed.

Look beyond the current business for future growth

As companies embrace digital transformation, they should focus on continuing to drive scale, driving distribution across multiple platforms, and delivering operational efficiencies. However, they should also focus on finding new sources of value creation for the longer term.

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