Britz Renews Sponsorship of Auckland Rugby Club

By Community | April 24, 2012

New Zealand’s leading campervan brand Britz has announced that it has renewed its sponsorship of Auckland Rugby’s Premier Club Rugby grade for the 2012 season.

With more than 6,000 premier club rugby players in the Auckland Rugby region, Britz will be showing their support from the sidelines with onsite presence at 10 matches throughout the season, along with rewarding consistent and dedicated players from all clubs with the return of the Britz Club Rugby Player of the Week award.

Britz Brand Manager, Sharron Clark, said: “We are thrilled to be bringing back all things Britz to Premier Club Rugby this season. We feel that 2011 was a fantastic and highly successful first year of sponsorship and we are looking forward to being involved with the grassroots rugby community again over the coming months.”

Auckland Rugby Sponsorship Manager, Jeremy Cameron, says the partnership with Britz provided a unique platform for both players and supporters of the Premier Grade to engage and they are sure it will be a welcome return this season.

“Britz were fantastic sponsor partners in 2011. They brought so much enthusiasm to club rugby – not just at the games where they were vibrant and visible but also online with their wonderful Britz Player of the Week award. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed the partnership with Britz and are looking forward to doing it all again in what has already begun as an exciting 2012 club rugby season,” he said.

by Ismail Uddin