British SAS to Assist Police in London 2012 Security to Prevent Terror Attacks

November 3, 2011

British Army’s Special Air Service (SAS) have be given a key role in the London 2012 Olympics security with elite troops on standby at the Thames in case of a terror attack.

A fleet of high-powered military inflatables are set to be kept available on the East London riverside to dispatch special forces in the event of a Mumbai-style terror attack.

Security sources denied reports that an underground bunker was being developed as part of the major security operation.

But the SAS is understood to have been assisting the Metropolitan Police in attempts to avoid an atrocity next summer.

Several anti-terrorism exercises have been carried out at the London Olympics Village amid fears of armed sieges or sniper attacks.

Units, including members of Scotland Yard’s CO19 wing, will be armed with pistols, carbines and night vision goggles. Police resources will be slightly depleted as 2.5% of resources will be taken away from day to day policing 

The Olympics is set to be one of the biggest security tests on British soil in modern history, with a £600 million ($958.2m) budget set aside to keep the games safe.