British Grand Prix Race Day Tickets One of the Most Expensive

March 15, 2013

The British Grand Prix’s cheapest race day ticket is £145 ($219), making it one of the most expensive races on the Formula 1 calendar.

A report from the BBC showed that only Brazil and Abu Dhabi are more expensive than the race at Silverstone, with Abu Dhabi’s price costing £339 ($513) and Brazil costing £229 ($347) – Abu Dhabi’s price is from 2012 as the 2013 price has not been released.

To purchase the same ticket at the infamous Monaco Grand Prix in Monte Carlo, spectators would pay just £30 ($45).

Richard Phillips, Silverstone Managing Director defended the ticket prices to the BBC: “While not cheap, I believe British Grand Prix tickets are competitively priced and offer good value for money.

“It frustrates me when people compare the cost of a ticket to watch a 90-minute football match or 80-minute rugby match with a ticket for the British Grand Prix.

“For example, a ticket to watch Arsenal play a category ‘A’ game at The Emirates – one of 38, 90-minute league matches that they will play this season – can cost as much as £126.”

Motorsport sponsorship expert Brian Sims echoed the views of Phillips but believed that prices could be lowered.

Sims told iSportconnect: “I think that one has to put ticket pricing into context. Yes, of course £145 is a lot of money, but then if compared with watching the recent Rolling Stones tour it seems remarkably inexpensive.

“On the other hand, you can watch Mick Jagger on stage non-stop for 2 hours, whereas at Silverstone you see the cars only once every 90 seconds or so. Then there’s the lack of facilities at a race track, parking issues etc.

“On balance, yes I do think it is a bit much for many enthusiasts. There definitely should be a basic, lower entry level ticket at around £75.

“What I think is more important, in my opinion however, is the whole issue of TV viewing options. Now there is a can of worms to open up!”

The F1 season starts this weekend in Melbourne, Australia, which costs £66.

Prices for Race Tickets

Abu Dhabi* (£339) ($513), Brazil (£229) ($347), Britain (£145) ($219), Spain (£104) ($157), Belgium (£103) ($156), USA* (£102) ($154), Singapore (£100) ($151), Germany (£85) ($128), Japan (£76) ($115), Korea (£72) ($109),  Italy (£69) ($104), Hungary (£69) ($104), Bahrain (£68) ($103), Australia (£66) ($100), Canada (£62) ($94), China (£45) ($68), Monaco (£30) ($45), India* (£24) ($36) and Malaysia (£13) ($20).

*2012 prices as 2013 are unavailable

Bold and italic – No-race only ticket available so prices are for full race

Statistics courtesy of the BBC

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