British Cycling Welcomes Government’s Cycle-Proofing Scheme

August 12, 2013

British Cycling has welcomed the government’s plans to commit to cycle-proofing, cheap a practice of designing provision for cycling into all new roads and junctions.

Prime Minister David Cameron announced the plans, which will see councils expected to make all highway and traffic schemes cycle-proof.

Brian Cookson, President of British Cycling said: “British Cycling has taken the lead role in campaigning for cycle-proofing as a means of sustaining the substantial gains we have made in getting more people on bikes.

“So it is very encouraging that Mr Cameron has shown leadership by recognising that better provision for people who want to travel by bike is fundamental to modern transport policy.”

Cameron confirmed that £94m ($145.5m) of funding would be made available to encourage more people to use bikes in eight major cities and four national parks.

British Cycling policy advisor Chris Boardman commented: “Put simply, cycle-proofing is about ensuring that cycling is designed into all new roads and junctions. From this point forward the goal should be to make any new infrastructure safer for cyclists, more convenient and make it a more desirable thing to do.”