British Cycling Appoints Adrian Lord as Infrastructure Expert

September 5, 2013

British Cycling has appointed Adrian Lord as its first infrastructure expert to act as a consultant on how to design cycle friendly cities, discount the sports governing body announced today.


Lord, a transport consultant specialising in cycle infrastructure design and promotional strategies, will be an adviser to British Cycling on cycle-proofing road layouts, junctions and route design.   


One of British Cycling’s key ambitions is to get the government to put cycling at the heart of its transport policy. Adrian Lord’s appointment will give British Cycling someone with the authority and experience to make meaningful and informed contributions to policy development on how Britain can cycle-proof its road infrastructure.    

British Cycling’s Director of Policy and Legal Affairs, Martin Gibbs, said: “The fact that British Cycling has brought its own infrastructure expert on board is a sign of how seriously we’re taking the government’s cycling ambitions. We recognise that the key to transforming our villages, towns and cities into cycle-friendly environments – and in turn getting millions more people on bikes – is totally about getting it right on infrastructure. I look forward to working closely with Adrian over the coming months.” 

Commenting on his appointment, Adrian Lord, said: “I’m really pleased to be working with British Cycling and sharing my expertise on cycling infrastructure. I want to help encourage local authorities and planners to make the right decisions on how to design their roads and junctions with cyclists in mind.

“Cycle proofing isn’t just about making the roads safer for cyclists, it’s about creating routes that are convenient for cycling with an appropriate level of segregation on links and of priority at junctions. 

A well designed route is intuitive – drivers will automatically adjust their speed, all users will know when to give way and when they have priority. Properly designing towns and cities for cyclists would have an immeasurable impact on everyone in the country creating more pleasant and sustainable places to live.”

Adrian has been a transport consultant for over 18 years and has headed up projects for Cycling England and the Department for Transport. Adrian has significant experience in designing cycle-friendly infrastructure and has contributed to the design of cycle schemes across the UK including projects on the London Cycle Network and the National Cycle Network.