Bristol City to Reward Fan Loyalty with New Ticket System

May 20, 2013

Bristol City have unveiled a new ticketing system designed to reward fan’s loyalty.

The new system is the result of a deal between the club and Green 4 Solutions and will provide a ‘single platform’ for all forms of commerce, including ticketing, corporate sales and marketing.

Under the new scheme, supporters will receive loyalty points for purchasing match tickets and, at a later date, merchandise from the club’s megastore. All booking fees have also been removed.

The announcement of season ticket prices has been delayed to next week so that they can be sold using the new platform.

City commercial director Kevin Smith said:”This is a massive development for this football club. We have conducted a full review of how we communicate with fans and it was clear that a strong supporter relationship management and ticketing system were at the very heart.

“Rewarding the loyalty of our fans has been the driving force behind this cultural and system change. If we better understand the movements and requirements of fans, we can not only reward their loyalty, but hopefully engage more effectively going forward.
“The removal of booking fees was something I felt passionately about. There is no worse feeling than seeing a price and then just as you’re about to pay, that price goes up! The price we advertise is the price supporters will pay – it is so important we are transparent. It’s the right thing to do.”
Green 4 Director Peter Oliver said: “We’re absolutely delighted to announce a partnership with Bristol City Football Club focused on the delivery of a truly ‘joined up’ fan experience, beginning in the 2013/14 season.
“Green 4’s approach is to provide clubs with a single platform stadium solution that enables them to improve all aspects of the fan experience
“The club then has unparalleled visibility of all supporter engagements, allowing them to adapt the offering specifically to the needs of supporters.
“This is encapsulated in a supporter loyalty programme that rewards their participation in all club activities with ‘money can’t buy’ experiences.”