Brett Gosper Expecting ‘Best and Biggest’ Rugby World Cup in England

March 31, 2015

World Rugby CEO Brett Gosper says they are on track to deliver the biggest and best Rugby World Cup in England later this year.

The tournament kicks off on 18 September and Gosper is confident the organisation will deliver on their promises.

“Six months out we’re into the meticulous military detailed part of the execution really and most of the big things are on track,” said Gosper, speaking exclusively to iSportconnect.

“I’d say the biggest challenge is delivering on the potential. We’ve been pretty public in saying that this should be the best and certainly the biggest World Cup that Rugby’s seen and now it’s just a matter of delivering on that promise and there’s no reason why we won’t deliver on that promise.”

Gosper also believes the Rugby World Cup has a its standing as a major sporting event alongside the FIFA World Cup, UEFA Champions League and the Super Bowl and doesn’t struggle to compete in a crowded market commercially.

“It is a crowded market but we think we’ve got a distinctive position in that market,” he added.

“We probably don’t compete at the same level of eyeball that some of the big football events do, Rugby World Cup itself, we consider to be the third biggest global sporting event on the planet behind the Olympics, behind FIFA and so on.

“We’re estimating 2.5 billion in extra economic activity for the England Rugby 2015 World Cup.”

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