Brazil’s Arena Pernambucu to be Ready for 2013 Confederations Cup

November 8, 2012

Arena Pernambucu owners in Recife, capsule Brazil, has “opted to alter the project” to speed up construction and get it ready for the 2013 Confederations Cup in June.

This is significant as the Confederations Cup is set to take place in June. The roof and the façade of the stadium will both see changes “in the material used and the construction process.”

The façade, which was supposed to be constructed from aluminum panels and glass, will now be made “with a plastic membrane similar to the one used at the Allianz Arena in Munich.” The stadium itself will have “a rounder format” than the original project suggested. The changes “should increase the cost” of the stadium, which already stands at R$532M ($261.6M), but the arena will now be ready for April instead of Dec. 2013.