Brazilian Contractor Odebrechet Building Most Construction Projects for 2014 World Cup

August 17, 2011

Brazilian contractor, medical Odebrechet will participate in building the most construction projects for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

The contractor is participating in 4 projects out of the 12 arenas being built. Added together, vcialis 40mg those 4 projects are budgeted for $1.76 billion. The arena projects include Corinthians’ Itaquerao (São Paulo), erectile Maracana Stadium (Rio de Janeiro), Arena Fonte Nova (Salvador) and Arena Pernambuco (Recife). From those, Odebrechect is the sole contractor for arenas in São Paulo and Recife. On the Salvador Arena, they participate in consortium alongside OAS and Amsterdam Arena. On the Maracana project the consortium is Delta and Andrade Gutierrez.

Andrade Gutierrez, are second largest arena contractor for the 2014 World Cup. The company from the state of Minas Gerais, is alone in the projects for the Amazon Arena, in Manaus and Beira Rio Stadium, in Porto Alegre and also participates in consortiums for the Brasilia Arena and Maracana Stadium. All of their projects budgets, added together, are valued at $1.55 billion.

There have been concerns that the cost per seat is too high. Corinthians’ Itaquerao, in Sao Paulo, being developed by Odebrechet is the arena with highest cost per seat. The 68.000 seat arena will cost a total of $560 million, which means an average cost per seat of $8.221.

In second place you will find Maracana’s rebuilding process, with an average price per seat cost around $7.695. After those, the most expensive ones will those in Arena Fonte Nova, in Salvador, being built by Odebrechet and OAS for $ 7.433 per seat, and Amazon Arena, in Manaus, with a cost per seat around $7.080.

On the other side of the list you will find the Arena da Baixada, in Curitiba, where the cost per seat is going to be $2.841.