Bowling Looks for Olympic Inclusion through Games Extension

By iSportconnect | June 30, 2014

Members of World Bowling have called for the Olympic Games to be extended to three weeks in their attempts to get their sport on the programme.

Chiefs at the International Olympic Committee (IOC) are looking for ways to modernise the Games and to make them more attractive to younger viewers.

The Olympic Agenda 2020 Roadmap was launched as a part of this, and now World Bowling President Kevin Dornberger has submitted his ideas which could help bowling realise their Olympic dream.

Speaking at the International Bowl Expo in Orlando, Florida, Dornberger said: “We have very candid meetings with the IOC and they tell us what they see as our deficiencies, and I can’t disagree.

“Our scoring system is not easy enough to understand, even for bowlers.

“In the past there wasn’t enough effort put on helping ‘outsiders’ understand what was going on, but we’re working on that.”

Dornberger also said that making the sport easier to watch on television would be crucial to their hopes, but added he would not spend a lot of money on chasing Olympic recognition.