Basketball Bedgear Boston Celtics NBA

Boston Celtics announce partnership with Bedgear

January 5, 2018

NBA team the Boston Celtics have announced a new partnership with US bedding retailer Bedgear for the 2018/19 season.

As part of the agreement, Bedgear will serve as the team’s official performance sleep system partner and provide players will specifically designed mattresses and pillows.

The partnership aims to improve Celtic players’ sleep in an effort to gain a competitive edge over their rivals.

Rich Gotham, president of the Boston Celtics, said: “The Celtics are always looking for a competitive advantage and our partnership with Bedgear will help improve player performance through improved, sleep, rest and recovery.”

Eugene Alletto, chief executive of Bedgear, commented: “Boston matters to Bedgear and we’re proud to assist the Celtics in their upcoming London game by providing them with the best Performance Sleep Systems prior – helping them build their sleep reserves – and by traveling with them to London, to ensure they have the best equipment with them to achieve success.”

Basketball Bedgear Boston Celtics NBA