Bond Labs to Co-Sponsor Australian Fighting Championship

November 27, 2012

Bond Laboratories, viagra pharmacy Inc., ambulance an international provider of innovative and proprietary nutritional supplements today announced that the Company will join GNC as an advertiser and co-sponsor of the Australian Fighting Championship (AFC), Australia’s leading Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) platform and brand.

“The decision to partner with GNC to Co-Sponsor the AFC was a natural extension of our recent and highly successful launch into the Australian market. The AFC, which showcases the best Australian and international MMA talent, is an excellent opportunity to build product awareness and entrench NDS as an established premium brand in the region,” stated John Wilson, Bond Labs’ President & CEO.

“GNC presently has over 1,600 international franchise stores in 56 different countries. We anticipate that our success in Australia will serve as a building block and prototype for aggressive and continued international expansion,” concluded Mr. Wilson.