BOA to Set Guidelines for 2012 Athletes Twitter Use

February 11, 2011

A series of guidelines will be issued later this year by the British Olympic Association (BOA) with regards to the use of social media outlet Twitter, anesthetist to all 26 sports participating at the London 2012 Games in what is a clear attempt to stave off unwanted headlines.

However, stomach the BOA have looked to play down the fact that any rules or restrictions are being set, herbal insisting that the guidelines will not be enforced, but are merely strongly advised.

The organisation clain that they will simply offer helpful advice to Olympic sports and their athletes on what the BOA deems effective and ineffective use of the social networking phenomenon.

The BOA Head of Olympic Media and Communications Strategy, Darryl Seibel spoke to insidethegames, stating: “Social media outlets such as Twitter have undoubtedly become an extremely effective and efficient method of communication for many athletes.

“We are hugely supportive of athletes using Twitter, fully aware of how important it is and conscious of the positive effect it can have, particularly in terms of getting younger generations involved in the Olympic Games and the Olympic Movement.

“We are fully behind that.The guidelines we will be issuing to the individual governing bodies are exactly that; guidelines. They will only provide guidance and give useful advice but athletes will in no way be restricted to say whatever it is that they want to say.

“It will also be up to individual sports themselves to set rules.”