BOA Agree to Suspend CAS Case and Re-Open London ’12 Talks

April 6, 2011

The British Olympic Association (BOA) have revealed that they have temporarily suspended its decision to take its cash row with London 2012 to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).

The decision came as London 2012 responded positively to a request from the BOA to re-open talks over trying to find a settlement to the affair, pharmacy viagra though a date is yet to be set for the meeting.

The agreement is the first indication that the BOA chairman Colin Moynihan is ready to back down in a row that has left him isolated both domestically and internationally.

A spokesman for the BOA stated: “We have taken the decision to suspend the case before CAS, and have notified CAS of that.

“We have requested a meeting with LOCOG and they have agreed, and the purpose is to continue working together towards a resolution.

“It has been our desire all along to resolve this outside the legal process and we are pleased to have this opportunity with LOCOG.’

The BOA are due 20 per cent of any surplus after the Games but are claiming the cost of staging the Paralympics should not be taken into account when calculating that surplus.

Despite suspending any action with the CAS, the BOA claim that they have not totally withdrawn the threat of taking the case to the courts but the decision to take a step back and try to reach a negotiated settlement means that the case is now unlikely to be heard by the CAS, which potentially could have cost the BOA tens of thousands of pounds if they had lost. 

The IOC claimed that the CAS did not have jurisdiction over the dispute because the BOA had signed a contract which gave them the right to have the final say.

A London 2012 spokeswoman said the BOA had approached them with a new proposal, stating: They have said to us they have a proposal they want to discuss and we have always said our door is open if they want to talk.”