BMX champion Shealen Reno to Endorse Righteously Raw Chocolate

September 17, 2013

Organic manufacturing company Earth Source Organics through their product Righteously Raw Chocolate will sponsor BMX champion Shealen Reno.

Originally from Dallas, diagnosis Texas, Shealen has numerous World and USA champion titles to her name. Currently, she is the USA National Champion for Junior Elite Women.

When Shealen isn’t out shredding national and international competitions, she works to promote racing among younger children, and especially girls, hosting clinics for those just starting out in the sport. “I want to raise awareness of BMX track,” she explains, “and how it is a great family sport for all ages.”

Shealen commented on the endorsement: “I reach out to kids with the hope of helping them to make healthier decisions about food and exercise early on. I love Righteously Raw Chocolates, and see these products as a part of my healthier living message. These chocolates are perfect to satisfy any craving, and lack the processed sugars and ingredients that generate so many health issues in today’s youth.”