BMW Dismiss Reports of F1 Return

May 20, 2013

BMW has dismissed reports the company is considering a return to F1.

The German company pulled out of F1 in 2009, in the aftermath of the global financial crisis.

The reports begun after comments made by F1 Chief Bernie Ecclestone to City AM

Ecclestone said: “I would be surprised if we don’t see BMW again. I think they could come in. The amount of money they spent was not significant in the grand scheme of things. It makes sense for them to return.”

However, BMW has moved to distance itself from these claims.

BMW motorsport director Jens Marquardt said: “I don’t know with whom Bernie spoke. We are right on top of our current programme, namely DTM.

“In GT sports cars at the Nordschleife and in ALMS as well as customer sport programmes we are posting super results.

“We have absolutely no intention of looking at other categories. We made a conscious decision to withdraw from Formula 1.

“We orientated ourselves around that which our customers recognise as being BMW. There is no reason to alter this concept. It is currently running very well.”

Speaking exclusively to iSportconnect, F1 sponsorship expert Brian Sims said: “It would surprise me if BMW came back into F1. The company took quite a bashing from the media last time it was in F1.

“I know from personal experience that there was a lot of opposition to it within various international divisions of the company. There is now a far more focused approach to motorsport within BMW and what works and what doesn’t for the brand. I can’t see that changing for the foreseeable future.”