Bloom Energy Servers to Be Installed at HP Pavilion at San Jose

October 30, 2012

Sharks Sports & Entertainment (SSE), manager of the San Jose City-owned HP Pavilion at San Jose, announced today the activation of Bloom Energy Servers at HP Pavilion at San Jose, the Bay Area’s premier sports and entertainment facility.

Installation of these energy servers will provide a cleaner, more reliable and more affordable energy source to power the venue which serves as home to the San Jose Sharks of the National Hockey League and hosts a multitude of sports and entertainment events annually.  The installation of these energy servers was completed in October and are already in use. With the implementation of the Bloom Energy Servers, HP Pavilion at San Jose becomes the first multi-purpose sports and entertainment facility to utilize fuel cell technology as a supplemental electricity source. Sharks Sports & Entertainment also utilizes Bloom Energy Servers™ at Sharks Ice at San Jose, a public recreational ice facility owned by the City of San Jose and managed by SSE. 

By installing the Bloom Energy Servers, HP Pavilion at San Jose is using cheaper and cleaner electricity to power the venue. The Bloom boxes (two 200kw servers), which are utilized by other corporations throughout San Jose and the Silicon Valley including Google, eBay, and Adobe, replace approximately 90% of the electrical utility power at HP Pavilion used during non-event hours and approximately 25% used on a Sharks game day. Due to the efficiency of the Bloom box, HP Pavilion at San Jose will reduce its carbon footprint by 4.8 million pounds of CO2 over a ten-year period. That equates to taking 427 passenger vehicles off the road. 

By electing to install the Bloom Energy Servers at HP Pavilion, Sharks Sports & Entertainment continues to demonstrate its support of the City of San Jose and its goals found in its Green Vision, Economic Development Strategy, and Climate Action Plan. 

“We are pleased to be utilizing the technology pioneered by Bloom Energy to reduce the carbon footprint of HP Pavilion at San Jose,” said Jim Goddard, General Manager at HP Pavilion at San Jose. “Utilizing the Bloom Energy Servers allows us to further the City’s Green Vision while continuing to bring national and international sporting events, concerts and family shows to San Jose that our patrons will enjoy.” 

“Congratulations to HP Pavilion for being the first arena in the nation to implement Bloom Energy’s cutting-edge fuel cell technology,” said San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed. “As the capital of Silicon Valley, San Jose is a hub of clean tech innovation, and it is fitting that our arena would showcase how investing in renewable energy can reduce long-term operating costs and save energy.” 

“We are thrilled to play an increasing role in the Sharks’ ongoing efforts to utilize clean and reliable energy, and proud to bring innovative and sustainable solutions to the San Jose community,” said Josh Richman, VP of Business Development at Bloom Energy.