BLK Signs Partnership Deals With AFL Clubs Gold Coast Suns & Greater Western Sydney Giants

By iSportconnect | November 6, 2014

Sports apparel company BLK has agreed partnerships with AFL Australian Rules football clubs Gold Coast Suns and Greater Western Sydney Giants, expanding their presence in the league.

BLK (Beyond Limits Known) will provide the GC Suns with their on-field and training kit.

Gold Coast SUNS CEO, Andrew Travis, said: “We are ecstatic to have partnered with a Gold Coast-based company like BLK, which has made extraordinary inroads by linking with several AFL clubs over the past few years,” Travis said.

“As a club, we are looking to change gears next year and really take the next step, and we want to work with commercial partners who are of the same mindset.

“BLK is a worldwide brand and one which we are very proud to be associated with.

“We have high expectations of our playing group next season and want to give them every advantage we can.”

WRS Group CEO, Tyron Brant, said the team at BLK Sport was looking forward to working with the team and providing them high-performance apparel to wear both on and off the field.

“Whilst BLK is now a significant player across the international sports apparel market with teams and partnerships in the USA, South Africa, England, France and Japan to name just a few, our global headquarters are right here on the Gold Coast and we wanted to ensure that those teams representing our city in national competitions do so wearing ranges specifically designed for them, right here on the Gold Coast,” Brant said.

“In 2015, BLK will supply on- and off-field apparel ranges to more teams in the AFL than any other brand, and we have certainly ensured that our partners share our values and vision.

“As a brand, we are very excited by both the short- and long-term prospects of the Gold Coast SUNS and look forward to working with CEO Andrew Travis and his team as they strive to achieve their on- and off-field goals.”

BLK will also supply the Greater Western Sydney Giants with their playing and training gear and staff and supporter apparel in a new five-year partnership.

Giants Chief Executive David Matthews said: “There is a strong alignment between two challenger brands in their respective fields and the GIANTS are delighted to partner with BLK.

“Our players, staff and supporters are going to be thrilled with the new look gear and apparel for the GIANTS supplied by BLK and I encourage all fans to look out for it.

WRS Group CEO Tyron Brant  added: “We enjoyed our best season so far in 2014 and we look forward to 2015 and beyond with a sense of optimism and excitement.

“Like the GWS Giants, who boast a list of extremely talented young players looking to develop personally and as a team in one of the most demanding sports on the planet, BLK has faced a huge task in establishing itself as one of the world’s leading team wear suppliers.

“It’s those strategies clearly established and put in place well before the first Sherrin was kicked that will eventually result in well deserved success for the GIANTS players and supporters and we look forward to playing our part and celebrating those moments with the club.”