Blatter was always out for revenge claims Bin Hamman

July 25, 2011

Former head of Asian Soccer Mohamed Bin Hammam claims revenge was the only thing on Sepp Baltter’s mind after he was given a life ban from the sport.

The Qatari became the highest-profile FIFA figure to be kicked out of the organisation.
He still remains ademanant in his innocence. “The ban for life shows how much these people are angry and how much they are full of revenge,” he said. 

He continues also to refer to the feeling of being guilty before the investigation began.

Asked whether he had paid $US 40,000 bribes to Caribbean Football Union members, Bin Hammam said he had only paid travel expenses for the infamous meeting in Trinidad and Tobago on May 10 and 11.

He remains confident in his appeal and he first do this with the FIFA’s Appeals Committee but admitted he would get no joy there and would have to work through more independent channels. 

“Then I should go to the civil courts in Switzerland where we have full confidence.