Blatter Says Bin Hammam Election Could Cause ‘Irreversible Damage’

May 16, 2011

FIFA President Sepp Blatter wrote a remarkable letter to Gazzetta dello Sport last Friday, medic May 13, ailment claiming that FIFA would suffer “irreversible damage” if he was not re-elected on June 1.

The Swiss revealed that he expects to win the presidential battle with Asian football chief Mohamed Bin Hammam “with a clear majority of two-thirds of the votes”.

The 75-year-old opened his letter, prostate writing: “In the case of Fifa’s presidential elections we are not really talking about candidate A versus candidate B, but about whether in future there will be candidates at all. The election of 1 June could cause a tectonic movement with irreversible damage.

“The issue of whether this world footballing organisation, developed with success over the years, will continue to exist after this date or, whether it will instead be sucked into a black hole.

“South America, North America, Europe, Oceania and a considerable part of Africa and Asia will continue to support my ideas. However it is still worth considering what the alternative would be: no one.”

Blatter added: “The principle that every carpenter goes by is valid for us too: the roof will do its job only as long as the foundations are doing theirs. If the ground slides, the whole building will fall down. And this is what 11 June is about: all or nothing!”