Blatter boosts England 2018 bid hopes

October 14, 2010

Sepp Blatter, president of football’s governing body Fifa, has given England’s hopes of hosting the 2018 World Cup a boost after praising the country for its facilities and a successful crackdown on hooliganism.

Blatter was in London to meet Prime Minister David Cameron and urged other nations to follow England in adopting all-seater stadiums and take away fences at grounds.

Blatter said: “England is the motherland of football. England has given so much to football and England is going on to carry on giving much to football.

“You have given to the world security in the stadiums. You have built all your stadia, there are no fences and everyone is sitting.

“If only all the national associations in the world, and their leagues [had stadiums like this], we would have more fair play in our game.

“You did it. It’s a question of organisation and it is also a question of discipline and respect. You did it here and now we say where are the hooligans?”

Cameron added: “England is ready, willing and able to deliver the best World Cup ever and provide the biggest legacy ever. Not for us, not for this country, but for the world.”