Bin Hamman still wants explanation from FIFA

August 5, 2011

Mohamed Bin Hammam is still waiting for a “fully motivated decision” from FIFA relating to his lifetime football ban nearly two weeks after the ethics committee’s verdict.

The Qatari has confirmed he will appeal regarding the decision which was made on the July 23 verdict in relation to an ethics probe into the bribery scandal. 

“According to the relevant regulations, an appeal can only be made once the fully motivated decision has been received by the party concerned,” FIFA said in a statement to INSIDER.

“Normally, it takes some time for the fully motivated decision to be finalised and sent. Mr Bin Hammam has not yet received the fully motivated decision.”

FIFA have not responded with a date on releasing the “fully motivated decision”, according to the Qatari, and this has yet to be finalised.

Bin Hammam claims to be sure that he was given the guilty charge before stepping into court and that the ethics of FIFA themselves should be challenged.

The 62-year-old was banned following an investigation into allegations that he attempted to bribe Caribbean Football Union officials at a May meeting in exchange for their votes in his bid to unseat Sepp Blatter in the FIFA presidential election.