Bin Hammam Claims His Challenge Led to Blatter’s Positive Plans

April 26, 2011

Sepp Blatter’s opponent in the upcoming FIFA presidential elections Mohamed Bin Hammam has sought to take the credit for the more positive and forward-looking ideas in the Swiss’ manifesto.

Bin Hammam, Qatari president of the Asian Football Confederation, is Blatter’s only challenger to a potential fourth term as president of world soccer’s governing body.

The 75-year-old current incumbent talked last week of expanding FIFA’s financial support for national associations and reforming the organisation – the second issue, in particular, being one which Bin Hammam welcomed in his latest personal blog.

He said: “To ensure we are not left behind by an ever-changing world, we have to be sure to think at least one step ahead. In recent times, that has not been the case at FIFA. But now, at last, Mr. Blatter is coming out with fresh suggestions about how to run the game’s governing body that might not have seen the light of day had there not been a challenge to his leadership.”

Bin Hammam said many of Blatter’s ideas represented a change of approach, adding: “It seems my challenge has made Mr. Blatter reassess his view of football’s future. Competition is healthy and it is vital to the continual development and progress of the sport that we all hold so close to our hearts.”

Bin Hammam has also promised a wider distribution of World Cup profits and offered 17 extra seats on the controversial executive committee.