BestIT Title Sponsor Racing Team at Pirelli World Challenge

By Community | April 30, 2012, remedy Inc. (BestIT), an Arizona-based business and technology solutions company, is sponsoring the BestIT Race Team at the Pirelli World Challenge (PWC) Utah Grand Prix.

The BestIT Race Team performed well in the Streets of Long Beach race with both drivers finishing in the top ten, despite an electrical problem that stalled driver Andy Lee’s car on the track. Team Captain Harry Curtin finished four places from the Streets of St. Petersburg race in late March. The team is expected to perform exceptionally well in Utah.

“I’m obviously proud we had two top-ten finishes in Long Beach,” said Curtin. “I believe we have the right team in place to continue to do well this season, and we’ve seen that all the prep and hard work are yielding results. We step up our game in each race, but so does the competition. I believe we’ll continue to do well if we embrace each race as an opportunity to learn and grow as a team.”

The BestIT Race Team continues to build, prepare, and test its Chevrolet Camaros in collaboration with its partner, the Bondurant School of High Performance Driving. The race takes place on Saturday, April 28.

by Ismail Uddin