Best of Times Secures Licensing Agreements with 30 College Team & Nine Nascar Drivers

By Community | August 8, 2012

Best of Times, an entertainment equipment and lifestyle company, announced today that it has secured the licenses for more than 30 new college teams, as well as 9 of the top NASCAR drivers.

The agreement will increase offerings of the company’s flagship product, the Best of Times Bar & Entertainment System, a professional-quality, fully customizable party display. In addition to all 32 NFL teams, 50+ colleges and NASCAR designs, party themes and custom print options are available to the public — all with interchange functionality.

Themed print sets allow customers to transform the unit from one party to the next, taking it from a tiki theme to a tailgating or backyard party centerpiece in less than five minutes. The expanded licensing substantially increases the Best of Times product line, which now offers more than 100 interchangeable designs and limitless options through custom printing.

“Sports fans are enthusiastic, vocal and proud of their teams. All year long, no matter what the sport is or where a game is held, the fans are supportive every step of the way,” says Alex Dinsmoor, president of Best of Times. “We’re thrilled to provide a product that allows die-hard fans to celebrate their teams and show off their pride anytime, anywhere. We truly believe that our product is the most versatile piece of indoor/outdoor furniture someone can buy.”

The Best of Times display is a patented, professional-quality event centerpiece that is engineered for everyday use. The entire system fits in a wheeled travel case for easy transportation and can be assembled or disassembled in minutes, without tools. 

The new licensing agreements mark another milestone in the growing company’s mission to expand its line with quality partners. Best of Times’ pursuit of additional licensing means it’s continually adding new image options.